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Traffic Rider game is the logical continuation of a very popular project entitled Traffic Racer by developers Sooner Kara, who managed to conquer the audience in the hundreds of millions of “riders” who like to break the rules when driving in traffic conditions. With all that in this time machine, we will not, we will have a high-speed vehicle – a motorcycle! And since the game is much more modern project of the past and other bonuses here can not be avoided, such as excellent graphics!

Main changes in the gameplay here are not followed, the goal is about the same – as quickly as possible to get from point “A” to point “B” and not to fail, that is simply because the bike is a vehicle that is faster and more manoeuvrable than the dynamics of the car and the interest in what is happening it certainly adds. And most importantly, you can now feel more clearly the rush of speed and adrenaline for noble without risking their lives and their associates.

As usual, the start of the Traffic Rider hack on Android will be a small, namely slow the scooter, which is capable of exceeding even the retired, but do not worry, the fun ahead! Ahead you will find a large number of jobs and roads, many others, motorcycles and more powerful complexities with his iron horse, you are sure to overcome. Developers should invent any story (and how can it be a story?), But we organised a full career with a lot of missions that will take place is fun.

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  • view in first person! inexpressible feeling!
  • alternation of day and night
  • lots and lots of roads and traffic
  • two dozen motorcycles
  • setting
  • good sound engine
  • superb graphics
  • career and more than four dozen missions
  • Three dozen achievements and table leaders
  • the game is translated into many languages

Disadvantages of the game:

  • In-app purchases
  • some advertising

Result: traffic Rider game is a fantastic opportunity to ride motorcycles of different formats, enjoy kilometres of roads, sunrise and sunset, and kill many hours of their free time;)

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